Home Repairs & Building Repairs

Home Repairs and Building Repairs by Purcell Construction.

Home Repair

Whether it’s a home improvement, upgrade, or repair for your home maintenance and repair project, Purcell Construction can help. Make the right choice and choose the best company for the job. We offer various kinds of home improvement repairs that are professional and efficient. Our services cover numerous repair services such as drywall repair, roof repair, and general home repair for your beautiful Lakeland home.

Commercial Building Repair

Beautify your commercial building with Purcell Construction’s leading commercial building repair and remodeling services.

Located in Lakeland, we have been serving the Polk County Area for over three decades. We promise to solve any repair issue and will guarantee an excellent result for you.

Purcell Construction is fully licensed and insured, with experience, reliability and customer service you can trust.

Purcell Remodeling and Construction is your one-stop solution for all of your Lakeland-area construction and remodeling needs. Whether you require an emergency repair or are looking to remodel, we can handle it! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.